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Rohan and Joel, signs of God's mercy for the poor in Mumbai

Mumbai ( AsiaNews) - Rohan Aguiar is a Christian student, in his last year of engineering. At the beginning of Lent he wanted to make a corporal work of mercy, and so he went to the Bhabba hospital in Bandra district of Mumbai, to visit [...]
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Parents, Educate Your Children for Love

In the context of the Marian year for the family being observed in Opus Dei, the Prelate reflects on parents' central role in guiding their children along the paths of love. Download pdf and other formats. My dear children: may Jesus watch over my daughters and sons [...]
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St Josemaria's Feast Celebrated in India

Over this past June 26th and 27th, the feast of St. Josemaria was celebrated in Rourkela, Odisha India, in a very special fasion. We share some photos and a report from those who who took part in the festivities there. You can also check out [...]
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Incontro Romano Celebrates
25th Anniversary at Eataly

This past Tuesday (31 March 2015), the Incontro Romano celebrated it's 25th international Congress at Rome's Eataly on the theme of "The Power of Service: Empathy and Teamwork". Some 300 girls from all over the globe participated in the conference, some by submitting papers or [...]
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Transforming young people's lives

Video. St Josemaria's vision of holiness in everyday life is transforming the lives of urban youth in Chicago through two educational centers. An hour-long EWTN programme looks at Midtown Center for boys and Metro Achievement Center for girls, where young people from deprived backgrounds [...]
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Pope leads Way of the Cross: What does the Cross teach us? Much more than Sacrifice

(Romereports.com)(-ONLY VIDEO-) As he addressed hundreds of thousands of youths in Brazil's Copacabana beach, the Pope asked faithful to ponder on what the Cross means to them in their daily lives. The Pope added that through the Cross, Jesus shows his unity and support, especially [...]
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Pope's Homily in Aparecida: Christianity is based on hope, openness to God and joy

(Romereports.com) Pope Francis celebrated his first World Youth Day Mass, at the Marian Shrine of Aparecida. In his homily, he called on Christians to embrace a positive life, based on hopefulness, openness to God and joy. Pope Francis also said that every youth must 'knock at [...]
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Madrid and St Josemaria

For St Josemaria, Madrid was the place where he found God’s will for his life. Below are the summaries of four suggested tours, which focus on significant episodes in his life and message, including divine sonship, the sanctification of work, and apostolate. Finally there is [...]
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A close-up portrait

What was St Josemaria Escriva like? A new book, Dios y Audacia (“God and Daring”) by Cardinal Julian Herranz, offers a fresh, close look at the man that many people call the “patron saint of ordinary life”, or the “patron saint of work”. Cardinal Herranz says, [...]
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Giving some time, gaining a treasure

St. Josemaría told us that Opus Dei began among the poor and the sick, among generous souls in hospital wards whose condition brought them close to the heart of God. The girls at Eremeran Hills Club in Sydney want to go back to these roots making [...]
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