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Devotion to St Josemaria in Hong Kong

During the past year, the machines in our laundry had been needing repair quite frequently. The repair man, who is mature and rather loud-voiced, would come punctually to our house to fix the machines. Each time he comes, he would ask for some prayer [...]
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About the Opus Dei's message

People have sometimes said that Opus Dei was organised internally along the lines of secret societies. What is to be thought of such a statement? Could you give us, with this in mind, your own idea of the message you wanted to address to men [...]
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How and Why Did You Found Opus Dei?

Would you describe how and why you founded Opus Dei and the events that you consider the major milestones in its development? Why? The only explanation for things that are born of God's will is that He has wanted to use them as an expression of [...]
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Work and people in Opus Dei

The vocation to Opus Dei in no way changes or modifies a person’s condition or state in life. And since man’s condition, his lot, is to work, the supernatural vocation to holiness and apostolate according to the spirit of Opus Dei confirms this human vocation [...]
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Why Opus Dei?

Interview with Peter Forbarth (Time) given on 15 April 1967 1. Would you explain the central mission and objectives of Opus Dei? On what precedent did you base your ideas for the Association? Or is Opus Dei something unique, totally new within the Church and Christianity? [...]
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The influence of Opus Dei in Spain

Some people, precisely because of the presence of laymen of Opus Dei in influential positions in Spanish society [in 1967], speak of the influence of Opus Dei in Spain. Can you explain what this influence is? Opus Dei’s influence in civil society is not of a [...]
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Opus Dei’s aims

From its very beginning, Opus Dei’s only aim has been, as I have just described, to contribute to there being in the midst of the world men and women of every race and social condition who try to love and serve God and their fellow [...]
Tags: Passionately Loving the World, Opus Dei, Work, Ordinary life

Sanctifying ordinary work

Sanctifying one’s work is no fantastic dream, but the mission of every Christian — yours and mine. —That is what that lathe-worker had discovered, when he said: “I am overwhelmed with happiness when I think how true it is that while I am working at the [...]
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Priestly society of the Holy Cross

The Priestly Society of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei The Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, which currently has around 4,000 members, is an association of clergy intrinsically united to Opus Dei. It is made up of the clergy of the prelature, and other [...]
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Some of the main features of the spirit of Opus Dei

What are the main features of Opus Dei’s spirit? “This is God’s will: your sanctification,” as Saint Paul said to the first Christians. This message is “as old as the Gospel and as new as the Gospel.” God calls all baptized people to the fullness [...]
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