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Love has Wings!

Video. Enthused with ordinary life: If you put love into each day, each day is different. This is the advice Opus Dei's founder gives to those who want to flee from routine and find God in their daily lives.
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Dora del Hoyo Speaks About Saint Josemaria

In an interview dating from September 2000, Dora del Hoyo talks about her first impressions of Saint Josemaria. She stresses his love for the Holy Father. Dora del Hoyo Alonso was born on January 11, 1914, in Boca de Huergano, a small town in northern [...]
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Everything done for love is big

"Reflect on the fact that one of the chief characteristics of our Father’s [Saint Josemaria’s] spirit was the marvellous intertwining—in a heart so huge, in a soul that flew so high—of love and small things, perceptible only to pupils dilated by love. Domine, ut aperiantur [...]
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Like the Prodigal Son

During a catechetical gathering in Pamplona, Spain, in 1972, St Josemaria speaks about the importance of the inner battle over the little things of every day, because “love makes something great out of a little thing.”
Tags: Sacrament of Reconciliation, Little things, Ascetical struggle, prodigal son

Ronan Scullion, Ireland

Ronan Scullion, a computer software developer from Belfast, talks about St Josemaria’s message and its relevance to his work.
Tags: Little things, Ascetical struggle, Ordinary life

Care for little things

Do everything for Love. Thus there will be no little things: everything will be big. Perseverance in little things for Love is heroism. The Way, 813 Because you have been In pauca fidelis, faithful in small things, come and join in your Master’s happiness. The words [...]
Tags: Love of God, Little things, Rectitude of intention, Supernatural outlook

A movie of a get-together

It’s 6.35 p.m., I am walking home pondering what I should write. I reach the gate and as I am about to rummage in my bag for the key, it suddenly hits me – the laundry is still on the line. Anyway I get into the [...]
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Each vest or shirt that I iron has a name

In my daily work at home, each vest or shirt that I iron has a name, the name of the person it belongs to. Every meal I cook with care and concentration gathers real people around the table, and those little jobs done with love [...]
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Living life to the fullest

“Live life to the fullest!” This has always been my motto. You can say I am a person who enjoys the adventure and excitement in life. Before I learnt of St Josemaria and his message of holiness in ordinary life, I was convinced that in [...]
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How the founder of Opus Dei practised the spirit of mortification

In his book Christ is Passing By, n. 97, Saint Josemaría wrote: “In thinking about Christ's death, we find ourselves invited to take a good hard look at our everyday activities and to be serious about the faith we profess. Holy Week cannot be a [...]
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