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Pope Francis challenges young people: Think about what you want to do with your life

Video (Rome Reports). It may have been the most sparsely attended general audience of the year, but Pope Francis' message didn't lose its momentum. He recalled his recent trip to Africa and admitted that visiting the Central African Republic was his top objective. Praising the example of [...]
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Is it Possible to Face Death Serenely?

“Jesus’ Resurrection does not only give us the certainty of life after death, it also illumines the very mystery of the death of each one of us. If we live united to Jesus, faithful to him, we will also be able to face the passage [...]
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Living by Faith

Audio and pdf English of the homily: "Living by Faith", given by St Josemaria on October 12, 1947. Published in Friends of God. Download pdf "You hear people saying sometimes that there are fewer miracles nowadays. Might it not rather be that there are fewer [...]
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Pope: No Gossip, no envy, no jealousy!

Video. Rome Reports. With about 50,000 people in St. Peter's Square, the Pope talked about unity within the Church. Reflecting on Sunday's Gospel reading, he explained that ignoring problems, don't make them go away. "Facing one another, discussion and prayer. This is how conflicts are [...]
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Pope Francis: death is behind us, in front of us God of the living

(Vatican Radio) During the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis focused on Sunday’s Gospel reading, in which Jesus tackled the Sadducees, those who denied that there could be a resurrection. Listen the report The Sadducees, Pope Francis said, put the following question to Jesus, in an [...]
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Pope's Mass in Assisi: Respect life. End armed conflicts that stain the Earth with blood

October 4, 2013. (Romereports.com) At the end of his homily in Assisi, Pope Francis called for the respect for life and nature. He explained that humans were created to offer care and protection and not to destroy God's creations. POPE FRANCIS “The Saint from [...]
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The gift of pregnancy

Today I am all smiles and so grateful to God for the gift of pregnancy. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a while without success but now I have just found out I am pregnant. I am so grateful to God [...]
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Who was Josemaria Escrivá

A brief bio of Saint Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei.
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A “pill” to get rid of a problem

I belong to a family of eleven in Santa Fe Ocana, Guatemala. My father has a rose plantation and we help him with the work. When my mother, who is now 43, was expecting her last child, she had to go to the doctor with [...]
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St Josemaria's Life

Life of Saint Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, told by Fr. Bob Gahl, priest of Opus Dei.
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