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What is Lent?

Lent is the 40 days before Easter during which Christians prepare for the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. It's meant to remember the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert preparing himself for public preaching. It begins on Ash Wednesday, when a priest places ashes [...]
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Highlights of the Pope's new book "Jesus of Nazareth. Holy Week"

March 2, 2011. On Friday March 11, book stores around the world will begin selling the second volume of the book “Jesus of Nazareth,” about the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. The theologian Pope authored the book using his given name, Joseph Ratzinger. He directly [...]
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Pope explains Christ's commandment of love

February 14, 2011. Like every Sunday at the Vatican, pilgrims arrived in St. Peter's Square to pray with Benedict XVI. The Pope addressed the 30 thousand people filling the square on Christ's commandments of love that he reinterpreted from the Torah. “Jesus explains it [...]
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Christopher Columbus and Escriva

Josemaria and his first followers remind me of the conquistadors. They were young; they were enthusiastic, fresh, tireless, and enamored of spiritual adventure. Eager for a voyage of discovery, they gathered around a leader they called simply "the Father". There would be dangers in the [...]
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Father, I'm Jewish

In Chile, in 1974, in a meeting with hundreds of people, a Jewish girl asks the founder of Opus Dei about the catholic faith.
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Christ’s Faithfulness and the priest’s faithfulness

Dear brother priests, In the time in which we live it is particularly important that the call to participate in the one Priesthood of Christ in the ordained Ministry flourishes in the “charism of prophecy”: there is a great need for priests who speak of [...]
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To be tranquil and serene

How can we be really tranquil and serene? What we can do is be Christ. I remember a secular diocesan priest – a secular priest like us. He lived in Valencia. He was a beneficiary of the Cathedral, that’s all. He lived a holy life and died with a [...]
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The pope meets with youth and the sick during his trip to Turin

Before venerating the Holy Shroud, Benedict XVI presided over a large mass in Piazza San Carlo of Turin. There he asked families to stay together through difficulties. Video: RomeReports. Benedict XVI “I encourage families to experience the Christian dimension of love in simple everyday activities, in family relationships, [...]
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What is the Holy Rosary?

October: Month of the Holy Rosary and on October 7th, the Church celebrates the feast day of Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary. “The Rosary, my son, is a prayer that is very pleasing to our holy Mother Mary,” said St Josemaria Escriva to [...]
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The pope encourages people to spread the joy of Easter

The pope Benedict XVI explained how the Church celebrates the mystery of the Resurrection: “The resurrection is the greatest of God’s mighty acts in history; mysterious beyond all imagining, it is also a real event attested by trustworthy witnesses who in turn became messengers of [...]
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