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Pope's Mass in Assisi: Respect life. End armed conflicts that stain the Earth with blood

October 4, 2013. (Romereports.com) At the end of his homily in Assisi, Pope Francis called for the respect for life and nature. He explained that humans were created to offer care and protection and not to destroy God's creations. POPE FRANCIS “The Saint from [...]
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When I was 32 I was converted again

My name is Marco and I first heard of St Josemaria’s message about Christian living just over a year ago. I had stopped practicing my faith more than fifteen years before – I still said prayers every day, but without knowing what I was saying [...]
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I was lucky enough to meet St Josemaria

Testimony by Alfredo, Italy. He met St Josemaria in the spring of 1971 and recalls that when you were with him, you felt closer to God. I'm Alfredo Razzano and I had the luck, and responsibility, of meeting St Josemaria in the spring of 1971. My [...]
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1965: Pope Paul VI visited "Il Centro ELIS" in Italy

Pope Paul VI officially opened Centro ELIS on 21 November 1965. In his speech on that occasion Pope Paul said that after World War II, when he visited different districts, he realised that education and training were the most important way of improving the lives [...]
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New research on the history of Opus Dei

The fourth number of Studia et Documenta (2010), a journal written mainly in Spanish and Italian about the history of Opus Dei and its founder St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, has just come out. The theme of one section of this issue is educational initiatives [...]
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