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Pope's General Audience: Celebration, work and prayer are all needed for a balanced life

Video (Rome Reports). On Wednesday Pope Francis, began series of catechesis, based on three facets of a balanced life: celebration, work and prayer. The Pope emphasized why all three are important for a healthy family life. He also explained that despite the social obsession of [...]
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Sixth volume of Studia et Documenta published

Sixth volume of Studia et Documenta published New historical studies on Opus Dei and its founder Over 100 articles published For the sixth year running the St Josemaria Historical Institute in Rome has brought out its regular contribution to the historiography of Opus Dei and its founder. [...]
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Robust Christianity

Joseph Pearce, a well-known Catholic writer, was struck by the robust idea of the Christian vocation in modern times that comes through in St Josemaria’s book The Way. St Josemaria’s teachings, he says, not only help him to be a better husband and father, but [...]
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Christians who live as Christians convince others

Excerpts from a paper given by Joaquin Navarro-Valls at a conference on “Catholics and Public Life” held in Madrid, Spain, November 19-21, 2010. Today’s circumstances necessarily recall to our minds the very beginnings of Christianity. After decades or even centuries when Christians were trying to [...]
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University of the Andes, Chile

Serving with one’s intellect At the feet of the Andes mountain-range in Chile stands the campus of the University of the Andes. It was founded in 1989 by a group of academics and businessmen who were convinced that love for work done well, as preached by [...]
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Faculty of Communication at the University of Navarre

More than fifty years’ work and 5,500 alumni prove the value of the teaching done by the Faculty of Communication at the University of Navarre, Spain, which is a reference point in the world of communications and the media. A persistent characteristic throughout these years is [...]
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A magnet drawing people to Christ

Converted to Catholicism at the age of 28 after reading G. K. Chesterton, Joseph Pearce is the author of Literary Converts and many biographies of converts and literary figures. In this recent interview for www.josemariaescriva.info he speaks of how much he was helped by St [...]
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Pope invites young people to share St Josemaria’s universal outlook

In the general audience on March 31 for those in St Peter’s Square, many of whom had travelled to Rome to celebrate Holy Week and Easter, the Pope, addressing young people especially, said: “Dear friends, you have come to Rome in Holy Week for an [...]
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A Way Through the World

Un cammino attraverso il mondo (“A Way Through the World”), published at the end of 2008 by Lindau in Italy (www.lindau.it), is an anthology of texts taken from the writings of St. Josemaria Escrivá. It includes extracts from his books, homilies, interviews, letters and diaries, [...]
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Christians in the media

The subject of the following interview was Fr La Porte’s doctoral thesis entitled “Christians in the media according to St Josemaría. Historical context and spiritual and pastoral development”. In the interview, Fr. La Porte answers questions about the background to his thesis. Why did you choose [...]
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