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“Be faithful, be an apostle,” John Paul II told me

Alejandra Vanney is a lawyer who in the 90s moved from Argentina to Poland to help begin the apostolic work of Opus Dei there. Her work at the University of Warsaw gave her the opportunity to travel to Rome to take part in several encounters [...]
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John XXIII and John Paul II: two holy Popes, two Marian saints

The canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II is a great event for the Church and a sign of hope for the world, because where sanctity flourishes the crises in this world don’t have the final word. Sanctity provides a solid foundation on which to [...]
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Approaching the Church through the saints

By Dwight G. Duncan US (The Boston Pilot). Pope Benedict XVI famously said, "To me art and the saints are the greatest apologetics for our faith." In that regard, we have been particularly fortunate to have lived alongside and witnessed the powerful example of some [...]
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What is Baptism?

We are called to live out our Baptism every day as the present reality of our lives. If we manage to follow Jesus and to remain in the Church, despite our limitations and with our weaknesses and our sins, it is precisely because of the [...]
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Our Lady of Peace, the prelatic church of Opus Dei

"Our Lady of Peace" is a place of prayer, housing the mortal remains of Saint Josemaría Escrivá. Millions of people throughout the world turn to Saint Josemaría's intercession to gain graces of every kind from God. Many come to the Church of the Prelature to [...]
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Pope Francis: Our baptism gives us a new and glorious hope

Video.It was an usual, but festive way, to kick off the weekly General Audiences in the new year. Several circus performers took the stage before Pope Francis, complete with juggling, acrobats, unicycles and even ferrets! At one point, even Pope Francis clapped along, visibly happy [...]
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Centenary of Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica's Birth

Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica was born in Madrid on 17 November 1913. He gained three doctorates: in Mining Engineering, Natural Science, and Theology. He joined Opus Dei on 28 July 1935. He died in Barcelona on December 7, 1972. He responded generously to God's specific call, and [...]
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What is the Church?

1. What is the Church? The word “Church” (Latin ecclesia, from the Greek ek-ka-lein, to “call out of”) means a convocation or an assembly. It designates the assemblies of the people, usually for a religious purpose. Ekklesia is used frequently in the Greek Old Testament for [...]
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Pope Francis: 'If a Church no longer carries Jesus, then that is dead Church!'

October 23, 2013 (Romereports.com) More than 85,000 thousand people packed St. Peter's Square for the Pope's General Audience. To accommodate such a large number of pilgrims organizers closed of neighboring Pius XII Square. For about 45 minutes, the Pope rode around the [...]
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Pope: Become an apostle for the Church through prayer, preaching and testimony

(Romereports.com) The topic of becoming apostles was the focus of Wednesday's General Audience at St. Peter's Square. Pope Francis explained why the Church is considered “Apostolic” and what that means for Christians today.
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