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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

The answer came right on the ninth day

G., France

March 4, 2015

I would like to tell you about a favor received after my prayer to Saint Josemaria. I had been unemployed for the past six months, and after many unsuccessful attempts to get a job I prayed to Saint Josemaria through the Novena for Work. The applications I had made to obtain a particular job, in which I was very interested, suddenly all went through, and right on the ninth day the answer came, offering me the job. Thank you very much, Saint Josemaria.

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The novena for work

M., Italy

February 24, 2015

I would like to let you know that some months ago I found the Novena for Work on the internet, and that same moment I started to pray it. The intentions I prayed for were: to do my duty better and that if possible our Lord would give me a job which I could enjoy more and develop my capacities better. I am a mechanical engineer, and looking back I can see I have been blessed by God in many ways and, among other things, I have never been out of work. I worked as a mechanical designer, a post in which I have learned a lot about how machines work, but I did not feel totally fulfilled.

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My arm was healed


February 20, 2015

I would like to thank St. Josemaria for a favour received. I asked him to heal my arm, which needed an operation. Thanks to his intercession I did not need surgery after all. I thank Jesus for this through St. Josemaria’s intercession.

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On the sixth day of the novena

M., Mauritius

February 13, 2015

I am infinitely grateful to Saint Josemaria for having interceded for me before God our Lord. On the sixth day of the novena I obtained the post for which I had been hoping for a very long time and that I had given up on. Thank you Saint Josemaria for everything. I pray that you will always stay near me and near my family.

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I was coming up to 60

J. K., Chile

February 13, 2015

Thanks to St Josemaria I have a prosperous business today. In 2008 I first found the picture of St Josemaria and began to pray and ask God through his intercession to help me find a business to support my family. I was coming up to 60 and life was getting more and more difficult financially.

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Miracle journey

O. O., Nigeria

February 9, 2015

I prayed to Saint Josemaria to be able to travel for my graduation in UK. Miraculously an official job took me there and my graduation was a day after the official duty. So I traveled at little or no extra cost. Thank you very much.

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They asked him to start work right away

E. U., United Kingdom

February 9, 2015

In March we were so happy and excited on the arrival of our second son. Our first son was also over the moon. In July my husband was informed at his work place that his role was to be removed from the structure of the organisation and this meant he would be made redundant. He just had a week of consultation and one month notice period. This devastated us as I was still on maternity leave and if he did not get a job quickly we would have some financial challenges. We immediately started the novena to St Josemaria for work and promising we would speak of God's infinite grace and mercy through the intercession of St. Josemaria when the job came. We prayed it several times. Interviews came with negative feedback.

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Miracle on January 9

R. D. G., Philippines

February 5, 2015

I have decided to write down what happened to me last January 9 2014 and share it to everyone to give hope and to encourage people to be stronger with their faith.

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More time with the family

M. S., Canada

February 5, 2015

I have not even completed my novena to St. Josemaria for my husband to get a job closer to where we live but he has granted us the favor nevertheless. I am grateful that my husband will not spend too much time on the road and have more time with the family. As always St. Josemaria continues to watch over our large family.

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A vacancy

C., Chile

January 21, 2015

In November 2014 my son Santiago began a Novena for Work. He prayed with great faith and on November 20, in the firm where I work, they announced a vacancy for an assistant. Some of my colleagues were also looking for jobs for their children, so I checked to see if they were interested, and they told me that they weren’t. My son started work on November 24. Thank you, St Josemaria!

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No job prospects

K., Poland

January 20, 2015

I was unemployed for a very long time and with no job prospects. At a given moment I found the prayer to St Josemaria and decided to entrust my petitions to him. I prayed through his intercession every day. After two months, Jesus granted me the grace to get a job in my field of work.

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G. Q., Costa Rica

January 14, 2015

Thanks to St. Josemaria’s intercession I managed to complete my Masters degree and was awarded a Distinction. I hope for his miraculous intercession for the other favors I am begging of him.

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My sister

O., Réunion

January 14, 2015

Thank you very much, St. Josemaria, for interceding for my sister as I begged you to. The biopsy results show no cancerous cells. Thank you, my God!

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A tumor

A. M., Portugal

January 7, 2015

In March 2014 I was diagnosed with a tumor on the right kidney and although it was controlled it was nearly 7 cm and they told me I would have to have the kidney removed. I always pray to St Josemaria every day, but at that point I prayed with great faith that everything would be all right and the tumor would not be cancerous. I had the operation at the beginning of May. When I heard the results of the analysis I could hardly believe it: it was a benign tumor. The doctors told me that it was a very uncommon case. I am eternally grateful to St Josemaria.

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M. F., Colombia

January 5, 2015

Saint Josemaria, thank you for the many favors you grant me every day but today especially for making my passport arrive from the embassy on time for me to go on an important journey. I know that you are a marvellous saint.

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