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The key on the grass

I. M., UK

U.K., May 17, 2013

Have you cut the grass this Spring? My friend asked me last night. We hadn't because the grass has not started growing yet. He wanted to know because over 4 months ago at the beginning of the winter he had slipped and fallen a couple of times on the icy drive. And when he got to his car he realized that he had lost a key. Now perhaps for in Scotland the sun still shines brightly at this time of the year we might find it. We had a look at the gravel on the drive and on the lawn and it was not to be found. As my friend went to the car I began to look again to no avail. “Come on Father!”, I implored. And right there where I had looked before was bright shining key almost sitting on the grass after all these months! My friend was about to drive off when I asked him whether this was the key. Indeed it was. “Thanks Father!"


F. J.

May 15, 2013

Since being diagnosed with depression I have been frequently seeking St. Josemaria's intercession... I know my healing has a long way to go but I always feel better with his help. Interestingly my emotional limitations has not interfered with my work or my social relations. For that alone I am truly grateful.

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Where are the car keys?

A.R., Spain

May 13, 2013

I wanted to write and thank St Josemaria for a favor received yesterday. I went jogging along the sea promenade, which was very full of people because it was nice and warm. I ran quite hard for 50 minutes. When I went back to get the car to go home I realized that I’d lost the car keys. I would have to retrace my steps the whole way and look for them and find out if anyone had picked them up. The promenade is long and fairly wide, so it was going to be really difficult to find them. The fact is that I remembered to pray to St Josemaria for this, and I told him that just as he did favors for other people, why shouldn’t he do one for me? I said the prayercard, not with very much conviction to tell the truth, and asked him that I might find the keys as soon as I finished saying the prayer, so as not to have to go over the whole way again. Imagine my surprise when, just as I got to the end of the prayer, I found the keys on a bench where someone had put them. Thank-you, St Josemaria, for everything, and for having rescued me from the mess I would have been in if I’d lost them.

My twin sons

A.V., Venezuela

May 11, 2013

I have twin sons. They are now grown up, and were getting on very badly, so I prayed hard to St Josemaria for their relationship to improve, and it has. I thank St Josemaria for his intercession before God. I have also prayed for his help with other problems, and they were solved too.

They help me keep going

M.C.M., Argentina

May 9, 2013

Thank you St. Josemaria for always being there for me. I want to thank you because I prayed very hard for your intercession for two exams I had to take and they went well – I was even congratulated in the oral exam, which I’d been so nervous about. I know you are with me at this very moment. As well as that, I was on the point of losing my job, but I did the Novena for Work and everything got sorted out. Things at work are difficult, but I trust that Jesus and St. Josemaria will help me keep going.

Reading other favors

A.A., Mexico

May 7, 2013

I lost my job in January 2013. My brother invited me to have a chat with an Opus Dei priest. I called him and talked to him. After that I met another priest who gave me a newsletter about St. Josemaria. I started to read it on my way back to my apartment, and found testimonies by people writing about the miracles worked in their lives through the intercession of St. Josemaria Escriva, so I also prayed, as a miracle, that I would be given the job I had had an interview for a few days before. I said the prayer to St Josemaria and now I am sending this thank-you from the computer in my new office! Thank you very much for your intercession, St. Josemaria.

I heard of him one June 26

A. G. D., Ecuador

May 3, 2013

I first heard of St. Josemaria by chance when, on entering the Cathedral in my city, I found that the Mass of his feast was being celebrated. It was June 26, about three years ago. There I was given a little book called Holy Rosary by the Founder of Opus Dei with points for prayer. From then on I did some research about him, and I liked what I found. I had never asked St. Josemaria for anything, but just over a year ago I began to do the Novena for Work because I lost my job, and before I finished the Novena, I was offered a job in a company and am still working there now.

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The PC stopped working

T., Taiwan

May 1, 2013

I was writing an article on the computer and I hadn’t yet saved it when the PC froze, and seemed to have stopped working altogether. It had been really difficult writing the article, and I didn’t want to lose it for no reason. Also I needed the computer for my work. Straight away, as I have done other times, I prayed to God through St. Josemaria, but as it still didn’t start working again I decided to unplug it and wait for a bit. I put a prayer-card with a relic of St. Josemaria on top of it. After a while I turned it on again and, just as I prayed would happen, the latest version of my article had been saved. I am very grateful to God for this little favor and for granting it through St. Josemaria’s intercession.

The hemorrhage stopped

L.S., Mexico

April 29, 2013

Five years ago, a friend invited me to an Opus Dei center in Chihuahua. She gave me a little booklet and a prayer-card of St Josemaria. I read the booklet over several days, but I had some doubts. I never went back to that Opus Dei center, but around that time my brother-in-law had an abdominal hemorrhage and was taken into hospital for an operation, during which he received nearly 50 units of blood. After some hours the surgeon came and told my sister that she should be prepared for the worst, because there was almost nothing more they could do for my brother-in-law. I’ve always loved him like a brother, and I burst out crying and fell to my knees. I got out the little booklet of St. Josemaria and the holy picture of him with the prayer. I began to pray through his intercession for my brother-in-law to recover. I prayed desperately, and in front of everyone there I said the rosary, and said to Jesus that my brother-in-law had already suffered a lot, ever since he was a child. One or two hours later the doctors came to say that the hemorrhage had stopped, and that it seemed miraculous. So although I never went back to the Opus Dei center, I want to give testimony now that St. Josemaria Escriva interceded before Jesus Christ, and we were granted a miracle. My brother-in-law says I saved his life, because everyone told him how I’d prayed for him. It wasn’t I who saved his life, it was God, who never fails us.

My father's cancer

M., Spain

April 27, 2013

Ten years ago my father was diagnosed with cancer. I said the prayer-card of St Josemaria non-stop. He had radiotherapy, and today he is in quite good health and with no ill-effects from his sickness.

On a spiritual retreat

H. N. G., Guatemala

April 26, 2013

In October last year I received a very special invitation, to go on a spiritual retreat organized by people of Opus Dei. I went with high expectations, but I never imagined how it would change my life. I remember that we said the rosary, and when we commended ourselves to our Holy Mother’s protection my ears began to hear, and my heart began to understand. This great moment in my life arrived thanks to St Josemaria. I entrusted myself to him with confidence in his holiness and his intercession before God. Now I feel so blessed by having Jesus in my heart, bringing me ever close to Himself. I regularly read St Josemaria’s writings, finding in them a personal message and an example of how to live. Without forgetting the immense love and company of our Holy Mother Mary, who took my hand with unconditional love and keeps close to me day by day. Thank you, Saint Josemaria!

When I heard about St Josemaria

S.P., Peru

April 25, 2013

I had just moved house, and one Sunday when I was getting ready to go to Mass, my neighbour came and asked if I wanted to read about the life of Saint Josemaria Escriva. I asked who he was, and she gave me a magazine about his life and works, plus a little prayer-card of St Josemaria. At 5 o’clock that afternoon I started reading about his life, and when I got to the part with the prayer, I looked him in the eyes and I was really struck by his look and his smile, and as if I was chatting to him I said, “Josemaria, if you would kindly help me please, I’m asking you for a job.” About three hours went by, and around 8 in the evening the telephone rang: it was a cousin of mine who told me that if I wanted a job, I should go to an address she gave me at 9 o’clock the next morning. I can’t express how I felt, I was so unbelievably grateful! From then on I have been telling everyone I know about how Saint Josemaria’s intercession has helped me.

Achieving goals

A., Panama

April 15, 2013

Ever since I heard about Saint Josemaria I always have recourse to him and he has never failed me. At work, I was asked to take a training course which was very important for my career. It was at great personal cost, because I have two small daughters and no help except my husband. Studying for this professional qualification was hard because it was in another country and there was also the pressure of the post I hold within the company. I prayed to Saint Josemaria for his help and company during my studying and the exam, and I passed! Once again I can confirm that faith and Saint Josemaria’s intercession help you achieve goals related to personal and professional growth.

The first time I asked him for anything

V.F., Venezuela

April 15, 2013

It was the first time I asked St Josemaria seriously for a favor. I asked for it with all the faith in the world and, though it may seem absurd, I asked him to help me pass a subject in the first semester of the civil engineering degree that I still had not obtained. I made a great effort in studying it and asked him to give me the strength to keep going. I was amazed to find that I got nearly full marks in the final exam, which helped me to pass that subject with an excellent mark. For the whole of the exam I had a prayer-card of St Josemaria under the paper, I know he helped me and I am very grateful.

I pray the novena every day

C. V. R., Spain

April 14, 2013

Every day as I start up my computer I pray the Novena for Work to St Josemaria. With every day that passes I come a little further in my job search; the preliminary steps get checked off, I’m more and more keen on the possible job, and although I do feel a lingering regret for my former job, I’m thankful because I can see that every day I have greater hopes of getting the new one, since I am now in direct contact with the employer. St Josemaria is interceding for me and I realize that with his help, in a relatively short space of time I may succeed in getting the job. I’m grateful to the friends who have kept encouraging me and everyone who is praying for me to finally get this job.


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