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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession


M. A. C., Chile

May 30, 2016

I was unemployed. My father gave me a prayer-card of St Josemaria, saying this was a saint who specialized in problems like mine. To my surprise, the very next week I got an interview with a company and I am now working for them. I am really grateful to St Josemaria.

Searching for a permanent job

S., Singapore

May 30, 2016

After searching for a permanent job for 10 months, a friend recommended that I pray the Novena for employment to seek the intercessions of St. Josemaria and Our Blessed Mother. Within 2 weeks I was recommended to a good job which I did not even apply for. Thank you St. Josemaria and Mother Mary for your prayers and intercessions. Always have faith in the love of God.

He is such a father!

K. A., Australia

May 19, 2016

My siblings and I wanted to send our mother back home to the Philippines to visit her dying friend. We had booked the flight and she was organising her passport. Due to unforseen circumstances her passport was not arriving and there was one more day left before we had to decide to cancel the flight. I knew how much this meant to her and to my siblings who had spent months and money organising this trip. I prayed a novena to St. Josemaria and told him- please for my sibling's and mum's sake make this passport arrive tomorrow morning. I asked friends to also pray to him for this intention. The next day at 9am the post office rang my mother to say it had arrived. He is such a father!

From the bottom of my heart

A. K., Kenya

May 9, 2016

Mine is a testimony and lesson learnt that I wish to share. My journey starts from a simple statement: I have had a habit of being a “control fanatic”. I left High school with an A- and was very proud of myself. I knew the world would flow into my very carefully strategized plans nothing could ruin where I was headed. My first hitch my dad fell slightly ill and was unable to pay for all my tuition. At this point in my life I had to look for a part-time job to supplement for my tuition. I had since been introduced to the Novena of St. Josemaría and this was the first time in my life that I actually felt I had lost control of it. Call it “immature youth” but it taught me my first big lesson. I knelt before God without losing hope and trying to keep the doctrine I had learnt from childhood (my parents are very staunch Catholics) for 7 days and my first miracle came: I found a part time job in the same university I was studying at. By now in 2006 I was slowly beginning to release my control grasp to God slowly learning how to trust in a higher being. I managed my new job and passed through University but still kept the Novena close at heart. Days turned into years and I grew stronger in the formation classes I went through while in campus. I later got my second job miraculously still through the same Novena in 2009. At this time St. Josemaría (our Father) was for lack of another word: my “Hero”. I could pray every day for God’s Grace to help me love Him daily through my daily work I still can’t explain where this strength came from.

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The baptism papers

A. M., U K

April 21, 2016

I found my friend a bit sad one day and asking her the reason of that she told me that a friend of hers was going to be received into the Catholic Church. For that she needed to apply for the baptism papers from her country. She got them but they got lost (not her fault). At that moment I told my friend to pray to saint Josemaria to find them and we started a novena together. For some reasons we didn't finish it we were missing two prayers. The next day we started the novena again and again we didn't finish missing two. I told my friend that this was the reason of not finding the papers.

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A job for my husband and one for me

I., Poland

April 5, 2016

I prayed for a job for my husband and for me because we had both been unemployed for some time. Now we have both got the jobs I prayed for. Thank you, Father!

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In God's grace

A. K., Kenya

April 5, 2016

Last year and also many times I ask St Josemaria to pray for me to get a job and I obtain my favor. His words encourage me and my family to live and work in God's Grace. Thank you St Josemaria for your good example in life and in prayer.

Good tenants


March 29, 2016

I prayed the prayer of Saint Josemaria and asked him to help me get some good tenants, and to my amazement some excellent tenants turned up, exactly the sort I wanted. Thank you Saint Josemaria for your intercession before God.

Competitive examination

V. O., Brazil

March 29, 2016

After studying for many years I passed a competitive public examination which meant that I was entitled to State employment. I had dreamed of this for so long! and my success came after praying to St. Josemaria to intercede for me, and making the Novena for Work. I feel fulfilled in my work and am better able to provide for my family. “Deo gratias!”

A job


March 16, 2016

I am very grateful for the intercession of Saint Josemaria and Saint Joseph the Worker for obtaining a job for me. I did the novenas and I know they heard my prayers. Thank you very much, dear patron saints.

To laugh once more


March 15, 2016

As a family we live modestly but are happy. We have two children. One day my husband had a dizzy spell. He was diagnosed with a bicuspid aortic valve which was considerably dilated. He needed to have an operation, but it was risky. We were also advised to have our children and family members checked in case they had the same problem. At that point our lives changed completely and our Calvary began, because my husband could not lead a normal life until he had had the operation. I prayed the prayer of St Josemaria Escriva that everything would turn out well. After waiting for six months the day of the operation came. Everything went well and he is now recovering little by little. What is more, our children have not inherited the heart defect. To me it seems like a real miracle that everything is returning to normality again. God be thanked!

Job offer

B. P., USA

March 10, 2016

My husband has been underemployed for a while. I have been praying the Novena to St. Josemaria and during the job interview I continued to pray it for all nine days and when he got home he received a call with the job offer. Thank you St. Josemaria for your miraculous intervention.

We should have missed the flight

U. D., Canada

March 10, 2016

My husband and children and I recently returned from a year-long stay in Australia for work. For some reason we mixed up our flight times. We discovered with minutes to spare that we needed to leave for the airport immediately - with all of our belongings. We really couldn't afford to pay for new airline tickets back to Canada. During the drive to the airport we prayed the prayer card to St. Josemaria asking him to intercede for us that we would be able to somehow make our international flight. We managed to make it and had a safe and peaceful flight even though by human standards it seems we should have missed the flight and lost thousands of dollars in tickets in the process. Thank you St. Josemaria for getting us to the airport on time.

Heavenly peace and calm

R. M., Kenya

March 2, 2016

Thank you St Josemaria for granting me a pass in all my exams. Filled with so much anxiety before sitting for my exams that made me feel like I knew nothing even after studying hard but you filled me with so much heavenly peace and calm that I was able to handle and tackle the questions. Thank you so much for your intercession.

Novena for Work

M. V. L., Canada

March 2, 2016

As a nursing student in my final practicum of nursing school I was trying to line up a job for when I finished. I had talked to the manager on the unit where I was doing my final practicum and told her my interest in working there. She had told me we could discuss it further near the end of my practicum. My friend told me of the Novena for Work to Saint Josemaria and gave me a pamphlet for it. I prayed it and concluded the novena on my final day of practicum. That day the manager was in her office all day and I was able to go talk to her about my desire to work there. My preceptor was also able to talk to the manager that day to give me a good reference. The manager explained the job details to me and stated I could have an interview in early January. I was very excited when I received the phone call to set up the interview and was peaceful and calm for the interview itself. The interview went very well. I did not hear back from the manager for another two and a half weeks however. During this time I was able to focus on studying for my nursing registration exam. I was able to remain focused calm and disciplined throughout this study time. Also during this time a family member had informed me of nursing opportunities elsewhere to which I began to apply as I had not heard back from the interview. These applications were done however with an understanding that God would provide me with work and wherever he would bring me to work I would go there. With job interviews set up I was hopeful my prayers would be answered. The following day I received a call back from the interview where I had had my final practicum offering me a job! I am so thankful to Saint Josemaria for this favour!


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