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Quotations from Saint Josemaria

Cathedra of St. Peter

You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church. The Church today is the same one Christ founded. It cannot be any other. Peter and his successors are the vicars of God with regard to the rule of the Church as instituted through faith and with regard to the sacraments of the faith Hence Tags: Church, Pope

4th Joyful Mystery: The Presentation

And this time it will be you, my friend, who will carry the cage with the doves. —Just think: She —the Immaculate!— submits herself to the Law as if she were defiled. Tags: Piety, Holy Rosary, Our Lady

Week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians: What Can I Do?

The Church asks all Christians to pray more intensely during the Week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians, which lasts from January 18 to January 25, feast of the conversion of St Paul. Tags: Ecumenical dialogue, Church, Prayer, Unity

The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan

We offer some considerations around the 1st Luminous Mystery: Then Jesus came from Galilee to John, at the Jordan, to be baptized by him. And John was for hindering him, and said, “It is I who ought to be baptized by thee, and dost thou come to me?” But Jesus answered and said to him,“Let it be so now, for so it becomes us to fulfill all justice.” Then he permitted him. And when Jesus had been baptized... Tags: Baptism, Holy Rosary

The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

On January 3 the Church celebrates the liturgical feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. "Don't be afraid to call our Lord by his name — Jesus — and to tell him that you love him." Tags: Jesus Christ, Prayer, Interior life

Mother of God and Our Mother

The humility of my holy Mother Mary! She is not to be seen amid the palms of Jerusalem, nor at the hour of the great miracles. But she doesn't escape from the contempt at Golgotha; there she stands, juxta crucem Jesu, the Mother of Jesus, beside his Cross. Tags: Holy Family, Holiness, Our Lady

Pray by the Crib like one of the characters in the scene

To contemplate the Birth of Jesus, you can download passages by St. Josemaría, in pdf, epub and kindle. Tags: Contemplation, Prayer, Holy Family, St Joseph, Our Lady, writings of the founder of Opus Dei, Download

Novena for forgiveness

Written by Fr Francisco Faus, is available in pdf, epub and Kindle formats, in which, while meditating on texts by St Josemaria, we ask God through his intercession for the grace of learning to forgive. Tags: Repentance, Charity, Understanding, Forgiveness

Falling in love with God

“The beginning of the way, at the end of which you will find yourself completely carried away with love for Jesus, is a trusting love for Mary,” wrote St Josemaria as a very young man. For these days of the Immaculate Conception novena, leading up to the feast-day, his writings offer points for meditation on the fact that it is worth falling in love with God as our Lady, our Mother Mary, did. Tags: Love of God, God


What a marvellous time in which to renew your desire, your nostalgia, your real longing for Christ to come — for him to come every day to your soul in the Eucharist. Tags: Conversion, Hope, Jesus Christ, Holy Family

10 Tips For Getting Peace

Holy Mary is the Queen of peace, and thus the Church invokes her. So when your soul or your family are troubled, or things go wrong at work, in society or between nations, cry out to her without ceasing. Call to her by this title: Regina pacis, ora pro nobis — Queen of peace, pray for us.'' Tags: Peace, Our Lady of Peace, Furrow

The Feast of Christ the King

If we let Christ reign in our soul, we will not become authoritarian. Rather we will serve everyone. How I like that word: service! To serve my king and, through him, all those who have been redeemed by his blood. Tags: Apostolate, Jesus Christ, Service

Go Forward, with More Love

You are discouraged, why? Is it your sins and miseries? Is it your defeats, at times coming one after the other? Be simple. Open your heart. Look: as yet nothing has been lost. You can still go forward, and with more love, with more affection, with more strength. Tags: Love of God, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Ascetical struggle, Optimism, Love, Forgiveness

Children and Freedom

The parents are the first people responsible for the education of their children, in human as well as in spiritual matters. They should be conscious of the extent of their responsibility. To fulfil it, they need prudence, understanding, a capacity to love and a concern for helping by their own good example. Tags: Education, Children, Freedom, Marriage, family

Is it Possible to Face Death Serenely?

If at any time you feel uneasy at the thought of our sister death because you see yourself to be such a poor creature, take heart. Heaven awaits us. And consider: what will it be like when all the infinite beauty and greatness, and happiness and Love of God will be poured into the poor clay vessel that the human being is, to satisfy it eternally with the freshness of an ever new joy?, St. Josemaria Tags: Love of God, Heaven, Cross, Faith, Grace, Death, happiness, life, eternity