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A word of encouragement

Eddy Facelli, home-maker, wife, and mother of four

Montevideo, Uruguay, February 1, 2011

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Eddy, 42, is a home-maker and has been married for 22 years. She has four children, one of whom, Lourdes, has Down Syndrome. She met Opus Dei in 1993 when her son Alejandro, now 19, started at the CADI kindergarten (Center for the Promotion of Integral Development, which offers help and support for families in one of the outlying districts of Montevideo, Uruguay.

CADI kindergarten, Montevideo
CADI kindergarten, Montevideo
“I met Opus Dei through CADI, and got to know each of the people who staffed the kindergarten. I was struck by their cheerfulness and the whole-hearted dedication they put into their work. Whenever I had a problem I’d talk it over with one of them. They not only helped me with a word of encouragement, but always reminded me that each difficulty we meet is a chance to get closer to God.

Two years ago I became pregnant with my youngest daughter. It was different from my previous pregnancies. I had to spend the whole time resting, and I realized this was going to be a special baby. I prayed that whatever happened would be for the best. Lourdes was born September 11, and she had Down Syndrome. When I was told about it, I thought, God has chosen me for this.
Eddy with her husband and their four children
Eddy with her husband and their four children

St Josemaria’s teachings about turning all of life’s circumstances into a path of holiness have led me to thank God every day for having Lourdes in our family.

Being a Co-operator helps me go deeper in my Christian faith and practice it better. It’s a process of spiritual enrichment. Up till now my co-operation has consisted of prayer, and I think that’s really important, because you can do so much. Prayer for a sick person, for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for someone’s intentions, for someone who may need help even though they don’t realize it. I love the fact I can help and serve other people like that.

I continue to receive Christian formation in talks and classes, monthly days of recollection, and spiritual direction. I thank God that I met Opus Dei so that I can keep growing spiritually, always together with my family.”