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Searching for the purpose in life

Olga Kurylenko, known as the James Bond girl, describes why There Be Dragons, the new Joffé film about Saint Josemaria, is important for everyone

December 30, 2010

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Why I think this movie is important for everyone? Because it just treats the most crucial questions, and this movie speaks about love. And it concerns all of us. It speaks about love. It speaks about searching for the purpose in life. That's what we all look for, I hope. It looks for happiness, which is what we're all looking for in life. It's about making choices, and we're constantly everyday brought to make choices. It's about actually struggling with negative feelings; it's about struggling with hatred and anger. And trying to be a better person. Different characters have it in bigger or smaller amounts.
Rodrigo Santoro, Wes Bentley, Charlie Cox, Olga Kurylenko, main characters of There Be Dragons
Rodrigo Santoro, Wes Bentley, Charlie Cox, Olga Kurylenko, main characters of There Be Dragons

And it's about actually, for some people, coming out of those struggles. For example, I think one of the main characters is an extremely angry and hating person and totally lost. And I think that's something that's extremely present in our world today, and always was. Let's agree that we've been struggling with it for… centuries, but it's something that's still worth talking about, because it's still our problem! And that's what I guess, as Roland said, is sanctity. There's no sanctity without going through struggle and fight and suffering. It's not just a person who sits in his chair and does nothing and just has great ideas. It's actually someone who gets up and goes and does something, and in spite of the hatred that he received in his face, he keeps believing in the better world; he keeps doing good. And it's something easy to say but not very easy to do at all.

Olga Kurylenko
Olga Kurylenko
But there are people like that, and Josemaria, for example, was one of those people. When people were spitting on him and throwing stones at him, he was still turning back with a smile and kept loving those who were doing these things to him. And there are lines like that in the movie, where he says “Well, we still should love them.” And that's something… - it sounds rather good, but it is actually a fight that people should go through, and it's something possible. It's very idealistic, but it is possible, because there are people like that. And I haven't met Josemaria, but I've actually met people like that in the present life, nowadays. There are people like that. And those are the people who chose not the facility but rather the difficulty, and that's what makes life more interesting, rather than for those who choose the easy way, I think. And that's what makes sense and gives sense to life.

*A live Press Conference transcript about “THERE BE DRAGONS”, a film directed by Roland Joffe (October 29th, 2009)