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The Family Impact

November 16, 2015

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Since 1968, UNIV has offered a profound experience to roughly 3000 young people each year, encouraging their ideas to come to life and grow, all in the context of Rome’s cultural, spiritual and artistic heritage.

Year after year, our students come together and listen to leaders from a variety of fields: people who can testify to and explain the challenges facing our society.

The topic for this year's Univ Congress is "The Family Impact":

Univ Congress 2016 wishes to offer a deep reflection on the importance of the family, not only as the basic cell of society, but as the foundation and model of social life. If societies manage to resemble the family more each day, and become real spaces for encounter and solidarity, we can aspire to overcome egocentrism and see the future with greater optimism.

UNIV places itself at the service of the university, which occupies an irreplaceable role in the progress of society. As a meeting point for university communication and debate, UNIV fosters dialogue on the principle questions affecting the person and culture.

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Video: Strathmore College, later Strathmore Univeristy, was started in 1961 just as Kenya was preparing for independence. Amidst racial tensions, St. Josemaria encouraged those involved in the project to found an inter-racial school, despite the difficulties it would entail. Today, Strathmore has remained true to its founding identity, and has also become one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Kenya.


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