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Pope Francis Lenten Message: Stop the Globalization of Indifference

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In this year's Lenten message, Pope Francis highlighted the importance of embracing a conversion of the heart. He also warned about the dangers of indifference. As a way to counteract this social ill, he stresses the importance of educating the heart in mercy.

The message was presented by Msgr. Giampietro Dal Toso, the Secretary of the Vatican's Cor Unum Council, the past January 27th.

"He focuses on the danger of indifference, apathy and irresponsibility. It's important to delve into this, because it's a phenomenon that's happening in the world right now,” explained Msgr. Dal Toso. "It's about breaking away from individualism and indifference. Breaking away from being closed in on one's self, which the Pope describes as a deadly lock in.”

The Pope also reminded Christians that Lent is a time for renewal and this year, he says, the focus should be on looking towards the suffering of others and lending a helping hand.

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