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I'm called to be a saint

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  Video. In this clip from Passionately Loving the World, Chris Blunt talks about the profound effect that St. Josemaria's teachings have had on his faith. "I am called to be a saint. And the way that I do that is through my ordinary work. Nobody had ever told me that before."

He is open and honest about the very real ways St. Josemaria's spirituality helps him find meaning in his life. "I don't think being a husband or being a father comes naturally to most men." Chris will even tell you that he is "not the best husband"—that is, if his wife doesn't tell you first!

The teachings of St. Josemaria opened Chris' eyes to see the gift of marriage and fatherhood as a true vocation. "It's the way God wants me to live my life." He aptly describes it as a "head grab and a heart grab."

Moved by St. Josemaria's description of God as "a great stone cutter," Chris sees our daily challenges as the hammer and chisel that God uses to shape us into the more generous, attentive, and loving people He wants us to be. "God sees the perfect image underneath the block of granite."

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