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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

I said prayer-cards non-stop and my daughter recovered.

C. M. H., Puerto Rico

July 5, 2016

Tags: favours of the founder of Opus Dei
My husband died some years ago. For all this time I have been father and mother to our three children, but especially our daughter, the youngest. She was now in the last year of her degree in medicine, and about to graduate.
Suddenly some symptoms appeared and I took her to the doctor. She was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. She had radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but a second biopsy still showed positive for Hodgkins. The surgeon advised me to take her to Houston for more advanced treatment, as he could do no more. I bought return tickets to Houston. When the doctor saw her he said that we would have to spend at least three months there. They planned to do a biopsy and then a bone marrow transplant. I would have to close my dental surgery for all that time. But the worst thing for my daughter was not being able to graduate with her friends. She seemed unable to grasp the situation. The doctor said she would have to rest for at least six months. She refused to consider the idea.
A friend in Puerto Rico had given me a prayer-card of the then Blessed Josemaria but I had never prayed it. The day before the appointment for the pathology results I was beside myself with worry. I looked in my purse for something and unexpectedly found the card with the photo of St Josemaria. He seemed to be looking me directly in the eyes. He made me feel confident and even happier than if I had won the lottery. That very moment I began praying the prayer on the card non-stop. Several hours went by like that without my realizing, until the telephone rang and I realized it was nine o’clock at night. It was a Sunday. The telephone call was from the doctor, with the inexplicable news that the biopsy result was negative. It was a miracle from St Josemaria.
In addition to that, St Josemaria enabled my daughter to graduate with her group of classmates, because while she was convalescing her friends came to study with her at home every day and shared their notes with her. Ever since then I have been praying the prayer-card every day and I spread devotion to St Josemaria among my patients and friends.

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