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I was lucky enough to meet St Josemaria

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  Testimony by Alfredo, Italy. He met St Josemaria in the spring of 1971 and recalls that when you were with him, you felt closer to God.

I'm Alfredo Razzano and I had the luck, and responsibility, of meeting St Josemaria in the spring of 1971. My wife and I were received by our Father when we were expecting our second daughter.
When he saw that my wife was pregnant, he blessed the baby, and then, learning that it was our second child, he asked us for a photo of the first one so he could bless that one too.
We didn't have a photo on us, we were really sorry not to.
That taught me something I've often thought about later -how to materialize the spiritual life. Loving someone also means having a photo, something to remember them by on your desk, in your workplace. That was a message St Josemaria often gave, about materializing the interior life. At that time my wife and I were both University lecturers.
Later I changed my job, but at that time we were both teaching at university. He asked us what we did, and then spoke to us with an enthusiasm. I've never seen in anyone else, either before or since, about the university, the essential role it can play in forming young people, and he made us feel responsible for what we could do for young people.
That was typical of St Josemaria: he appreciated all kinds of jobs, and he could enthuse people about the work they did, how important it was. At that point, he talked to us about the university, one of his ruling passions. Those are two things I remember from that encounter, as well as his affection and his joy.
And something lots of people have said but as it's something I experienced personally I can testify to it: how, when you saw our Father, it was our Lord who reached you directly, through him.
You could see that something much greater was passing through him: our Lord.